The Colander Hanging Planter: A Unique Way To Display Your Plants

How to Make a Hanging Planter from A Colander
How to Make a Hanging Planter from A Colander from


Are you tired of the same old planters? Do you want a unique way to display your plants? Look no further than the colander hanging planter! This innovative planter allows you to showcase your greenery in a fun and unusual way.

What is a Colander Hanging Planter?

A colander hanging planter is exactly what it sounds like – a colander that has been repurposed as a hanging planter. The colander typically has holes throughout, allowing for proper drainage and aeration for plants.

Choosing Your Colander

When choosing a colander for your hanging planter, consider the size and shape. You want to make sure it can hold enough soil for your plants to thrive, but also not be too heavy to hang. You can also choose a colander in a fun color or pattern to add some personality to your space.

How to Make a Colander Hanging Planter

Making a colander hanging planter is simple. First, gather your materials – a colander, rope or string, soil, and plants. Next, fill the colander with soil and add your plants. Finally, tie the rope or string to the handles of the colander and hang it in your desired location.

Tips for Maintaining Your Colander Hanging Planter

To ensure your colander hanging planter thrives, make sure it is in a location with proper sunlight and water it regularly. You can also add fertilizer to the soil to give your plants an extra boost.

Why Choose a Colander Hanging Planter?

Aside from being a unique way to display your plants, a colander hanging planter also has practical benefits. The drainage holes in the colander allow for proper water flow, preventing over-watering and root rot. It also allows for proper aeration to promote healthy plant growth.

Where to Use a Colander Hanging Planter

A colander hanging planter can be used in a variety of spaces. Hang it in your kitchen for some fresh herbs, in your bathroom for some tropical plants, or on your front porch for some colorful flowers.


In a world where everyone has the same planters, a colander hanging planter offers a unique and practical solution. With a little creativity, you can turn a kitchen staple into a beautiful addition to your home decor. So, the next time you’re looking for a fun DIY project, consider making a colander hanging planter.

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